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Useful Sites
1.    Screenr.Com - Record Movies Of Your Desktop And Send Them Straight To YouTube.
2.    BounceApp.Com - For Capturing Full Length Screenshots Of Web Pages.
3.    Goo.Gl - Shorten Long Urls And Convert Urls Into QR Codes.
4.    Untiny.Me - Find The Original Urls That's Hiding Behind A Short Urls.
5.    Localti.Me - Know More Than Just The Local Time Of A City
6.    CopyPasteCharacter.Com - Copy Special Characters That Aren't On Your Keyboard.
7.    Topsy.Com - A Better Search Engine For Twitter.
8.    Fb.Me/Appstore - Search iOS App Without Launching iTunes.
9.    IconFinder.Com - The Best Place To Find Icons Of All Sizes.
10.  Office.Com - Download Templates, Clipart And Images For Your Office Documents.
11.  Woorank.Com - Everything You Wanted To Know About A Website.
12.  VirusTotal.Com – Scan Any Suspicious File Or Email Attachment For Viruses.
13.  WolframAlpha.Com - Gets Answers Directly Without Searching - See More Wolfram Tips.
14.  PrintWhatYouLike.Com - Print Web Pages Without The Clutter.
15.  Joliprint.Com - Reformats News Articles And Blog Content As A Newspaper.
16.  Source101.Com - Find Thousands Of Digital Products, Articles And Softwares.
17.  E.ggTimer.Com - A Simple Online Timer For Your Daily Needs.
18.  CoralCDN.Org - If A Site Is Down Due To Heavy Traffic, Try Accessing It Through Coral CDN.
19.  Random.Org – Pick Random Numbers, Flip Coins, And More.
20.  MyWot.Com - Check The Trust Level Of Any Website - Example.
21.  Viewer.Zoho.Com - Preview PDFs And Presentations Directly In The Browser.
22.  TubeMogul.Com - Simultaneously Upload Videos To YouTube And Other Video Sites.
23.  Truveo.Com - The Best Place For Searching Web Videos.
24.  Scr.Im - Share You Email Address Online Without Worrying About Spam.
25.  SpyPig.Com - Now Get Read Receipts For Your Email.
26.  Sizeasy.Com - Visualize And Compare The Size Of Any Product.
27.  WhatFontIs.Com - Quickly Determine The Font Name From An Image.
28.  FontSquirrel.Com - A Good Collection Of Fonts – Free For Personal And Commercial Use.
29.  Regex.Info - Find Data Hidden In Your Photographs – See More EXIF Tools.
30.  Tineye.Com - This Is Like An Online Version Of Google Googles (Reverse Image Search).
31.  IWantMyName.Com - Helps You Search Domains Across All TLDs.
32.  Tabbloid.Com - Your Favourite Blogs Delivered As PDFs.
33.  Join.Me - Share You Screen With Anyone Over The Web.
34.  OnlineOCR.Net - Recognize Text From Scanned PDFs And Images – See Other OCR Tools.
35.  FlightStats.Com - Track Flight Status At Airports Worldwide.
36.  WeTransfer.Com - For Sharing Really Big Files Online.
37.  PasteBin.Com - A Temporary Online Clipboard For Your Text And Code Snippets.
38.  PolishMyWriting.Com - Check Your Writing For Spelling Or Grammatical Errors.
39.  AwesomeHighlighter.Com - Easily Highlight The Important Parts Of A Web Page.
40.  TypeWith.Me - Work On The Same Document With Multiple People.
41.  WhichDateWorks.Com - Planning An Event? Find A Date That Works For All.
42.  EveryTimeZone.Com - A Less Confusing View Of The World Time Zones.
43.  Warrick.Cs.Odu.Edu - You'll Need This When Your Bookmarked Web Pages Are Deleted.
44.  Gtmetrix.Com - The Perfect Tool For Measuring Your Site Performance Online.
45.  Imo.Im - Chat With Your Buddies On Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, Etc. From One Place.
46.  Translate.Google.Com - Translate Web Pages, Pdfs And Office Documents.
47.  YouTube.Com/Leanback - Enjoy A Never Ending Stream Of YouTube Videos In Full-Screen.
48.  Similarsites.Com - Discover New Sites That Are Similar To What You Like Already.
49.  Wordle.Net - Quick Summarize Long Pieces Of Text With Tag Clouds.
50.  Bubbl.Us - Create Mind-Maps, Brainstorm Ideas In The Browser.
52.  FollowUpThen.Com - Setup Quick Reminders Via Email Itself.
53.  Lmgtfy.Com - When Your Friends Are Too Lazy To Use Google On Their Own.
54.  Lovelycharts.Com - Create Flowcharts, Network Diagrams, Sitemaps, Etc.
55.  PdfEscape.Com - Lets You Can Quickly Edit PDFs In The Browser Itself.
56.  FaxZero.Com - Send An Online Fax For Free – See More Fax Services.
57.  FeedMyInbox.Com - Get RSS Feeds As An Email Newsletter.
58.  Sendoid.Com - Transfer Files Without Uploading To A Server.
59.  TinyChat.Com - Setup A Private Chat Room In Micro-Seconds.
60.  Privnote.Com - Create Text Notes That Will Self-Destruct After Being Read.

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